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Tarjetas de Visita


National museum of San Carlos



The theme of this exhibition were visiting cards. We needed to find a way to show these cards from the front and back. On the front there is a picture of the person to which said card belongs and on the back there is a message for the receiver of this card. The typography used in these cards and messages was very artistic. For these reasons I decided to use transparent acrylic and we hung them at sight height. The framing of the pieces was done inside of the museum by me and my team.

The turquoise color was selected to create a contrast with the sepia colors of the cards. We asked a professional calligrapher to reproduce some of the messages in the cards to create the main title and subtitles in the rooms. We worked with a multimedia company to create the content for the interactive devices.

I designed and built special furniture for the several screens with multimedia content.

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