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Siglo XX et el XXI


National Museum of Mexican Art



The National Museum Art houses a collection of Mexican Art. The renovation of the permanent exhibition had as its primary goal to honor the artists, collectors and gallerists who created the Museum’s collection.

The exhibition was divided into five museological discourses, aimed at following the history of the development of Mexican Art during the XX and the XXI centuries. Artists like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Jose Clemente Orozco are highlighted as milestones in Mexican Art history.

The exhibition design followed the museological narrative and differentiated the discourses with different colors and path designs. The use of vibrant colors for the walls represent the characteristic energetic and lively Mexican culture. The use of curved walls aimed at representing the fact that history is a continuous trajectory. It doesn’t stop in reality so I didn’t want to stop the museum path with a wall. However, the use of colors makes it very clear for the visitor that he is stepping into a new discourse of history. Texts in the walls help to guide the visitor through the exhibition.

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